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Testimonials of Participants' Experiences


Learn more about the Modern Goddess Retreat by reading about participants' experiences and the impact it has made on their lives and relationships.

If you'd like to view participant interviews, they are located on the Videos page. 


What Past Participants' Said

A getaway like no other to further the bond as a mother to my daughter to start to create a foundation for communication and understanding. This retreat really helped me understand why I parent the way I do and the impact it has. I would highly recommend this retreat for any mother/daughter to get away and spend the quality time you need to take the journey you want to have.
I have described it as an enlightening experience to understand myself, my actions and how they impact my daughter.
This weekend changed my life helping me to reach the next level of healing on my journey. It allowed me the opportunity to reach a new freedom in living as a mother by being honest about my pain with my own mother. It cumulated with being able to write a powerful letter and being seen in a safe space by others on their own journey. I’m forever changed.
My relationship with my daughter has deepened and we are quick to recognize and forgive each other for those moments when we engage as “not our best selves.
The retreat gave me and my daughter the space to focus on the tremendous love between us. Stepping out of everyday life gave us the chance to deepen our connection. The retreat lives in us and will continue to work in our inner lives long after.
One of my biggest aha moments is that I have been mothering my daughter the way I wanted to be mothered. This left me feeling under-valued and un-appreciated by my daughter. What I discovered was that I need to mother her the way she wants and needs to be mothered. I have made minor but important tweaks to my mothering style that has actually made my life easier and my daughter is happier and more grateful.
It was an opportunity to reflect on my relationship with my mother and to honor the woman she was as well as the mother she was.
A restorative and illuminating mother-daughter weekend!
It is a gift to learn things about yourself that mirror your mother, put your resentments in perspective, whether mom is alive or not, and look at the past as just that the past. It will open your eyes and gently nudge you to shift.
I had no expectations for the weekend, except to spend some valuable time with my mother. The process in the haven of other females immediately felt safe for my mother and I to quickly express what has been emotionally hurting us in our relationship. We were allowed to touch the surface or go as deep as we wanted. We cried, we laughed and we grew closer in our relationship.
Transformative! Thank you for creating this amazing program!
Allowed my Mother and I to discuss our challenges, in a supporting and loving environment, about our deep desires to be more intimate and truly be best friends; and provided some tools to ensure we could continue our deep discussions without unintentionally hurting each other.
I did not have a very intimate relationship with my mother, and didn’t consciously realize how that was affecting all aspects of my life, and my own mothering. While I have done a lot of self growth work in recent years, I’ve never deeply reflected on my own “mother wound”, nor given myself the space to honor/forgive/heal that, so I don’t carry it forward to my own daughters. This retreat was a beginning to that healing, and to a new potential for more love, authenticity, and ease - with myself first, and then extended to my family and beyond.
This is a “must do” retreat for all women regardless if you are a mother or not- it will help you re-recognize yourself and find a new ways to embrace your life!
The experience we had is unforgettable! I highly recommend it to all moms and daughters!
The Modern Goddess retreat provided a unique and supportive opportunity to connect with my daughter in the most loving and honest ways. We left with a better understanding each other’s intentions, fears, needs, wants, and hopes. Doing this within a community of fellow moms and daughters desiring the same authenticity with one another made it that much special and powerful.
Don’t miss this retreat! I wish I could have had this available when my daughters were young. The retreat creates the space to see yourself as a woman, a mother and a daughter. It allows the young and teen daughters to see their mothers in a new way. Relationships can be reinvented here. A worthy investment.
The Modern Goddess retreat created an emotionally safe, relaxing, and playful space for daughters and mothers to connect with themselves, their relationship and deepen trust and positive regard.
Renée creates a safe and loving retreat environment. Her gift for healing offered my mom and I the opportunity to break-free of old patterns we were living in. I wish all women could experience a similar sense of freedom.
Renée and her team truly created an environment of openness, support and caring for both myself and my daughter. During the weekend I got to know myself better, my daughter got to know herself better and we got to know one another better. It was far more than I could have ever expected! Thank you for this beautiful opportunity to deepen my relationship with my daughter. The impact will be everlasting.
Expert facilitation by Renée, delicious nourishing food, shared mealtimes, and soothing yoga added to the wonderfully enriching weekend.
Renée provides a comfortable, friendly, and supportive space (in a beautiful location!) to focus and strengthen mother daughter relationships. There was a perfect amount of intensity and levity. I came away with stronger relationships, a sense of relief, a better understanding of my pathway forward, fond memories, new friends and intentions to participate regularly. I think all women and daughters should do this work - it would do wonders for our families as society in large.