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Who Will Lead You

Your Facilitators


Renée Dineen

Founder of Modern Goddess Retreat and Lead Facilitator

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The experience was designed and will be guided by  Renée Dineen—a wife, mother of two middle-school aged children, certified leadership & life coach, seasoned group facilitator, travel writer, blogger and global explorer. Through her own extensive training, healing of her own mother wounds, and related life experiences, Renée lovingly and skillfully supports you in discovering how to reinforce an already strong relationship or repair one that may be broken.  

Today Renée runs her own global coaching and consulting practice out of California, with an important focus on women and leadership. She believes that the new era of women’s leadership calls us to step more fully into our role as change-makers—requiring greater attention to self-care, a willingness to heal what calls to be healed, and the courage to name and pursue our truest aspirations. Only then can women achieve the freedom, discernment and choiceful balance needed to do their best work in the world, in all the communities they serve.

Renée earned her Masters Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and is a graduate of New Ventures West and the Deep Coaching Institute, two accredited schools by the International Coaching Federation.

Learn about what inspired Renée to create the Modern Goddess Retreat by reading her article, An Unlikely Calling.

To learn more about Renee, go here:


Holli Kaplan

Facilitator for Teen Goddesses

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“Where is the effing manual?!” Holli Kaplan, mother and parent coach, has been known to demand.

As a recovering “perfect mother”, Holli’s imperfect journey towards attuned parenting informs her coaching model along with her skills from a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology and a career in employee development training. Holli is a workshop staff member at Spring Ridge Academy and founder of Force of Nurture, a website devoted to helping parents be who their teen needs because a well-attuned mom or dad is a force of nurture.

Holli offers empathic guidance for mothers as they learn to attune to their most authentic and resilient selves, groundwork that is necessary for family relationships to thrive.

She understands the ways that an adolescent daughter’s defiance, perfectionism, withdrawal, substance abuse, self-harm, and/or sexual acting out can erode connection between mothers and daughters. As an experienced facilitator of workshops for mending relational struggles, Holli’s work addresses the root of this struggle for mothers and daughters by coaching them to examine their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that don’t work and eventually replace them with ones that do.

Today, Holli’s mantra, “I can only control myself,” provides the grounding necessary to infuse calm as she navigates the inevitable potholes along the bumpy road of parenting her own daughters. Mothering excellence has replaced her harsh goal of perfection and Holli has since become a pleasant person to live with. (According to Holli’s daughters who have since become tolerable teens to live with, she concedes.)

In her spare time Holli can be found rocking out to live music, sewing, traveling abroad, hiking with her family, or dancing like nobody’s watching. She’s thankful there’s no manual for this kind of dancing.


Raelyn Kaplan

Facilitator for Teen Goddesses


“I hate you, Mom!”

Yes, aspiring resiliency coach Raelyn Kaplan has said this too. As a 19-year-old college student, Raelyn’s perfectly imperfect journey through daughterhood is now shaping her self-designed B.A. degree in “Childhood Resilience Studies.”

Raelyn offers empathic guidance to mothers and daughters in the brave process of mending relational struggles. Through her own healing work, she has learned that daughters can only express as much love for their mothers as they feel for themselves. Since recovering from her own teenage rebellion, she understands the ways that common issues such as defiance, substance abuse, self harm, etc. can create disconnection between mothers and daughters.  Her work address the root of this pain, teaching vulnerability and empathy to cultivate connection and love in mother-daughter relationships. She guides young women through the growth of authentic and resilient relationships to self.

Raelyn is also a singer/songwriter, blogger, poet, and certified Reiki practitioner (Level 1). She loves to dance, be outdoors and hang out with her family. Today, the words, “I love you, Mama,” come out of her mouth more often than she ever imagined they could.


Kristi Manchester

Facilitator for Young Goddesses


Kristi has been attending and facilitating personal development workshops and seminars since the 80's. She is currently the Chief of Staff for a program called Partner in Excellence, a highly experiential life and leadership course for women that has been running since 2000. In 1990 Kristi co-founded CARTE: Child Abuse Resolved Through Education, a 501C3 non-profit that is still active today. The CARTE sponsored program that has had the most impact on her is a week-long camp for high-risk teenage girls, who have been abused and/or sexually exploited. STARR (Succeed Through Accountable Responsible Resolve) is an experiential life course that addresses specific issues most prevalent in this population of high-risk teen girls.

Kristi is also a step mother of two grown children and a very active "Grammy" to 4 grandchildren. She has been involved with the Modern Goddess Retreat since the beginning and brings immense experience, joy, care and patience to working with our young goddesses.


Aftan Murphy

Facilitator for Young Goddesses

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Aftan has been a part of the Modern Goddess retreats since inception. She has been mothering since she was a young girl helping her parents raise her 6 younger siblings. She is a protector of children and has been called to a mighty task of mothering and inviting into her home, neglected and abused children, who have experienced trauma in their family of origin, and as a result have been placed into the foster care system. She is an advocate for ending human trafficking and volunteers with SF Bay Area organizations in their efforts towards the prevention of the slave trade.

Aftan has a BA degree from Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, CA and uses her Degree of Human Services in her every day life as she partners with the Department of Child Protective Services as a foster mother.

Aftan loves working with children and is grateful to be a part of bringing out the best in them, while providing an environment for their voices and hearts to be heard in a safe and healing space.

Her healing journey has been pivotal to her ability to serve and mother children with trauma background and the Modern Goddess retreat has been part of her healing foundation. For this she is extremely grateful and honored to share this incredible experience with others.


Aleia Amend

Somatic and Self-Care Facilitator


Aleia has dedicated her entire adult life to working with women. She has been an executive in the beauty industry for 25 years. In her work she is extremely passionate about touching the lives of  women through the power of the work they do in the industry.  Touching lives has always been at the center of her career and the reason she gets out of bed everyday.  

Along with beauty she has a tremendous passion for empowering women to choose themselves through the art of self care. Whether it’s a yoga class, ballroom dancing or natural healing through essential oils, Aleia’s empathic connection and support for women is felt before you even meet her!

As a trained professional dancer, certified essential oil consultant and certified yoga teacher, Aleia brings her integral and unique gifts to the retreat through various activities we all get to experience outside of the main sessions. 

Most importantly, Aleia is a mother of a 12 year old daughter and has had her own emotional journey with her own mother which anchors her love for this work.